Egg-Laying Hen Farm 360


  • This is a “free range” egg farm, but these hens are far from free. They know only concrete and metal, and beneath the grating under their feet sits piles of urine and manure.
  •  Dead hens rot among the living, spreading their disease.
  •  All of these hens’ brothers were killed the day they were born, because to the egg industry, they are worthless.
  •  In the U.S., no government-regulated standards exist for “free range” farms. Hens may go outside for just minutes a day. Some birds never even get outdoors, because access is blocked by the crowds.
  • The crowding and filth create a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites, making both birds and humans sick.
  •  This is cruel, and it’s happening right now to hens all over the world. Help end their suffering by choosing plant-based alternatives to eggs and other animal products. Together, we can stop farm cruelty.

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Did You Know…?

Chickens are social animals with complex communication skills; they have at least 24 different sounds in their vocabulary, and exhibit empathy toward others.

Chickens are smarter than many dogs and cats, and even smarter than average 4-year-old human children!

Chickens remember people, places and objects. In some cases, chickens have even remembered a human friend after months without seeing them.

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